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Minoyaki Chawan

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Minoyaki Tea Pottery

Oribe Yaki Green Tea Chawan is a part of the Minoyaki Type of tea pottery

“Minoyaki”, or Mino ware, was first made in an old Japanese village named Tajima, within the former Mino province (now the Gifu province). From the 10th century onwards, many famous potters and artisans, especially the famous Seto potters of the Owari province, flocked to Mino in order to create beautiful pottery from the colorful, iron-rich clay that the area was known for. Minoyaki ceramics caught the eye of the famous Oda Nobunaga, a powerful leader who unified Japan during the 16th century. Nobunaga quickly became an important patron of Mino ware, which only fueled its popularity and high demand. Because of the support, Mino potters were able to expand their techniques into different styles. The most famous of these are Shinoyaki, Setoyaki, Oribeyaki, Seiji, and Ofuke.


The Mino craft became officialized as an important Japanese national treasure in 1978. Today, it is produced mainly in Toki, Tajima, Mizunami, and Kani: cities in the Gifu prefecture.


Ryu Mei’s Minoyaki selection contains primarily Seiji and Ofuke pottery, with samples from other types. Please feel free to browse through, with the knowledge that the art took several centuries to perfect.

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