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Regular Matcha

Ryu Mei Organic Matcha green tea powder

ORGANIC CERTIFIED BY JAS and USDA: Unlike other brand, Ryu Mei organic green tea is organically certified by Japan Agricultural Standard in Japan. Ryu Mei organic matcha is authentic green tea powder from the slope of Uji, Kyoto Japan. Ryu Mei organic matcha is also organically approved by USDA too. 100% organically certified by JONA.

DAY/NIGHT ENERGY & CONCENTRATION: Matcha contains the natural caffeine and energy booster to help your body lift up the vitality and energy you so badly needed. Need that natural concentration and focus to support your all night study or work? Then, Ryu Mei matcha will definitely help you. Organic Matcha has that natural energy booster to keep you focus and doesn't give you that bad all night effect. NATURAL CALORIE BURNING: With just 1 or 2 cups of organic matcha, it support your weight loss goal with nature's design. Matcha increases your body's metabolism naturally. Giving you that positive natural feel.

137x ANTIOXIDANTS: USDA, many scientific communities have acknowledged Matcha powder contains more antioxidant than any other in this world. It is so powerful, so naturally driven that it is the best Nature's gift ever produced.

YOUTHFUL SKIN HEALTH, BODY HEALTH: Matcha not only contains the most natural antioxidant, it also contains other essential vitamin, mineral and natural compound that helps keep your body and skin healthy and young. For the best result, it is best to use the best of quality product none other than from JAPAN!!